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SZ ACPEL is a sino-foreign joint investment enterprise and has been established since year 2004 with a team of well experienced management staffs and professional engineers. Several of the engineers are also NACE certified international coating inspectors. The company having the most advanced self-driving type blasting machines (blasting width at 1200mm ), also self developed steel shot blasting machines for edges preparation and robot spraying equipment enhance to undertake high quality corrosion protection and waterproofing work ,being one of the leading specialist contractors in China. Following the principle of company quality-policy, integrity, quality and efficiency, ACPEL receive ISO certification of quality management, environmental management and health safety management. The comp...




The corrosion and waterproofing project of Dayun Road-Xiaohe Bridge steel deck in Taiyuan, Shanxi sta

In August 2020, the anti-corrosion and waterproofing project for the steel bridge...

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The corrosion and waterproofing works of Yunnan Taoyuan and Jinan Jinsha River Bridge steel decks wer

In August 2020, the anti-corrosion and waterproofing projects of the steel bridge...

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Comrade Zhou Jianxin of our company was awarded the personal honor of “Knowing Safety, Acting Safet

In November 2019, in the Knowing Safety, Acting Safety, and Rewarding Safety poin...

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2019 Heavy-duty Asphalt and Bridge Pavement Technology Conference

The 2019 Heavy-Duty Asphalt and Bridge Deck Paving Technology Conference was held...

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ZD-LM3 standard steel box girder bridge deck paving technology exchange meeting in Zamalong-Daotanghe

On July 6, 2019, our company and Qinghai Transportation Investment Co., Ltd., Chi...

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Rated as the "Safety Management Demonstration Team" by Xijiang Bridge Project Office

Rated as the "Safety Management Demonstration Team" by Xijiang Bridge Project Off...

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Attending 2018 Annual Meeting of International Mastic Asphalt Association (IMMA) & The First Stee

On October 19th, the 2018 International Casting Asphalt Association (IMAA) Annual...

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Maputo Katembe Bridge in Mozambique,Africa

The supervisor engineer "Gauff Engineering" has delivered a letter of appreciatio...

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