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The corrosion and waterproofing works of Yunnan Taoyuan and Jinan Jinsha River Bridge steel decks were successfully completed

     In August 2020, the corrosion and waterproofing projects of the steel bridge decks of Yunnan Taoyuan and Jinan Jinsha River Bridges were completed one after another. During the construction period, it is the 2019-nCoV, the company took a number of measures to ensure the smooth progress of the project and the health and safety of employees:
     1. Employees in low-risk areas enter the venue 14 days in advance.
     2. High-risk areas are quarantined in Shenzhen for 14 days in advance, only after passing the nucleic acid test are allowed to enter the project department.
     3. Arrange employees to optimize transportation methods during entering the venue to minimize the chance of infection on transportation.
     4. Strengthen the ideological education of employees, and not enter and exit the project department at will.
     5. Construction workers wear masks uniformly.
     6. Strictly implement national regulations at the construction site, do a good job in on-site disinfection and daily body temperature monitoring.
     At the same time, an emergency response team for epidemic prevention and control was set up to carry out epidemic prevention and control knowledge lectures, and put the life safety of employees first.